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Gilbert Roser efferd at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 20 10:26:38 CET 1995

About coins:

In American Disney comics the currency of Duckburgh is the same as it is 
in the USA, Dollar and Cents. But in German Disney comics the currency of 
Duckburgh is from its first mentioning on Taler and Kreuzer. So it's not 
so odd that the coins are all gold and the paper money is all green. It 
is only fantasy, although Taler and Kreuzer were a real currency in 
older days, the 13th century, I think, but I don't know for real.
The first time I saw the money in American Disney comics I wondered about 
the white coins. Now I like it more because of the variety of the 
coloring and of the metal which make it more realistic. Btw. German money 
has silver, copper and Messing (don't know the English name) coins.

Because of the different currency the money bin's $-sign is often changed 
to an T (abreviation of Taler) in Germany. In many italian stories the 
sign is changed to DD (abreviation of Dagobert Duck, German name of Uncle 
$crooge) in Germany.

That all seems very odd, but it's tradition for over forty years translation.

I don't know if anyone will understand what I'm writing. My English seems 
to getting worse and more misunderstandable every time.
But I hope some get the point.

Thats my two cents!

-- Gilbert

   Gilbert Roser       A Disney Maniac
   efferd at cs.tu-berlin.de

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