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Mon Oct 23 00:31:37 CET 1995


Several people in recent weeks have mentioned info from Diamond's "Preview"
catalogue in regard to coming Gladstone issue. Unfortunately, Gladstone sent
out the wrong info in regard to one issue. As Augie De Blieck, Jr. (Hi,
Augie!) mentioned recently Diamond states that the contents of Donald Duck
Adventures #35 are supposed to be:

"Peace in Pieces" written by me and illustrated by Vicar.

"The Ice Taxis" by Carl Barks

Cover by William Van Horn.

The only trouble is that those are the contents of issue #36. Not 35.

Donald Duck Adventures #35 is, of course, already out and has a story "The
Poorest Duck in Duckburg" by Ron Fernandez and Pat Block.

Issue #36 with my story should be out in a few weeks. (November or early
December?) This is the second time Gladstone has advertised that story in the
wrong issue. Hopefully it'll actually appear this time--although it seems a
bit odd to have a story that's obviously set in the summer appearing in a
winter issue. Oh, well...

--John Lustig

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