Pertwillaby Papers

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at
Mon Oct 23 19:05:54 CET 1995

	Last week I got xeroxes of the last three stories of your Per-
twillaby Papers. (episodes 128-140). The photocopies look a bit like the
three Captain Kentucky-books. But they are numbered issue one, two and
three. Beginning with episode 128. Can you explain that to me? Weren't the
first 127 episodes ever published in book-form? Ken, who sent them to me,
told me that you never finished the third story "Knighttime". Is that true? 
Why did you never finish it? By the way, I haven't heard anything of Ken
for one month now. Does anyone know if there's something wrong? I got
one small message from him two weeks ago, in which he told me something 
about an extended power outage due to a hurricane. (?!?)
	Anyway, the "Vortex"-story was amazing. It made me laugh out loud 
at some times. What an incredibly complicated story. When I read about the
'universal solvent' and about the 'omnisolve(tm)', I remembered someone
talking about that 'universal solvent', here on the list. Have you ever
made a Duck-story, based on this Pertwillaby Paper-story, in which the
Ducks go to the center of the earth? I looked at Harry's database, and
your last story, that is mentioned, is "Journey to the Center of the Earth".
Has it anything to do with this Pertwillaby-story?
	Well, I liked the PP's a lot. There's more of a story-line in them,
compared to the CK's. All the different word-balloons, for every person.
Incredible. I also recognized some gags, that you used in your Duck-stories.
Like the scene in which Lance falls of a building, just like Donald did in 
"Incident at McDuck Tower". Are you planning on doing more Duck-stories 
based on the PP's or CK's? 
	Oh yeah, one last thing and I'm out of here. Daniel and I were
wondering why you sometimes hide Mickeys in your stories. Like that one
time in (I believe) a Lo$-chapter, there's a Mickey-head under a foot
of an elephant. What do you mean by that? Do you want to suggest, that you
kind of 'hate' Mickey, and want to crush him under an elephant's foot?
I also remember seeing a Mickey in 'War of the Wendigo', but I'm not sure.

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