WDC #600 (about Fethry and Jippes)

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Oct 23 17:37:39 CET 1995

Last saturday, I bought a copy of WDC #600. Some remarks about the texts:

DON, you write:
> Then there's this Fethry Duck guy... [] thankfully we've seen little or
> nothing of Fethry in American comics. [] My suggestion is that you
> scratch him out [off the family tree].

You have probably seen too little GOOD stories with Fethry in them to say
this. Americans only seem to know Italian and French Fethry stories, but
some of the 'Foreign Market' are much better!

And then there's JOHN CLARK writing:
> [Jippes'] "The Do-Gooders League" is certainly not the first Donald ten
> pager he produced.

In fact, it is! This story was the first 10-page story Jippes wrote (in 1974).
But it took him over 2 years to layout and pencil the story. And when
Verhagen finished the inking, the Dutch editor waited for almost another
year before they printed the story (in the Dutch "25 year celebration" issue).
And during this year, the first Jippes/Milton-10-pagers were published.
But Jippes made this story BEFORE he started working with Freddy Milton.

Maybe someone can pass this to John?

(BTW: It has been too long before this Jippes story was reprinted! This
story _deserved_ a better colouring than in Gladstone's first printing!)


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