Disney-comics digest #822.

deckerd@agcs.com deckerd at agcs.com
Mon Oct 23 18:46:05 CET 1995

> Er... does this means what it looks like? Gladstone might stop
> publishing Disney comics within the next few months? Maybe we'll
> get Disney Comics back. Hurray... eh...
>    Jorgen

As I understand it, Gladstone's current license with Disney
will expire with the comics shipping in April, 1996. I found
this out when I asked the editor when the Dutch Donald Duck
adventure I translated is due to see print (in the issue of
Donald Duck Adventures shipping in May '96 -- _if_ the contract
is renewed). I honestly don't know enough about the situation
to speculate whether Gladstone is in danger of losing the license.
After the Disney Comics fiasco, I doubt that Disney itself would
be especially anxious to start a comics publishing operation all
over again. It doesn't exactly look like Marvel is going great
guns with its own Disney titles, and I can't quite see Marvel
handling the "traditional" Duck titles very well if it picked
them up from Gladstone. My guess is that Disney will renew the
license, for lack of any real alternative if nothing else, and
the real danger to Gladstone is simply market conditions (American
comic book distribution is going through major convulsions at the
moment). But as I said, I don't know enough to speculate.

--Dwight Decker

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