Decker Raids Europe deckerd at
Mon Oct 30 18:43:37 CET 1995

Attention Disney fans in Holland, Germany, Denmark,
and (possibly) Sweden: Be on the lookout for a crazy
American coming to your country November 15 to 28.
I intend to buy lots of comics, videos, books, and
CDs, so your country's economic chart may show a
sharp upturn for the month of November. I'm planning
to drop by the Egmont offices in Copenhagen (I just
sold them a story and got the go-ahead for another)
to chat with my editor; I had hoped to talk with
head comics editor Byron Erickson, as well, but
unfortunately he will be in Japan that week. (I
owe Byron a _lot_ -- he gave me my start in comics
translation when he was at Gladstone years ago.)
Since I won't be traveling alone this trip, my time
won't be entirely my own, so it doesn't look like
I'll be able to look up many local fans, but Harry Fluks
and I have been talking about a possible meeting.
(Harry: The question has been raised whether the
Kostuummuseum in Den Haag, described in a 1984
Holland tourists' guide but not in the 1995 edition,
is still in existence.) I have a few questions, like
whether Pocahontas will be in the theaters, is there
a Little Mermaid soundtrack CD still available in
Dutch and or Swedish versions, has the Valhalla #10
album appeared in Danish comics shops, but I'm sure
I'll find out when I'm there.

--Dwight Decker

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