Disney-comics digest #826.

Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Tue Oct 31 20:22:28 CET 1995

Whee... Some ten days ago when I tried to switch on my computer in just wouldn't
start. I tried again and it practically exploded in my hands. So pardon the 
lateness of the reply.

	Are the old All-American-Goodguy Lance Pertwillaby stories still
available somewhere? Where? If not commercially, then could somebody send me
xeroxes of the stuff?
	As some of you might or might not remember, I decided to become a
Disney comics writer and I've got three stories finished (or would have but the
computer broke and the one I'm using ain't mine and I didn't have any copies
so I'll just have to wait 'til it's ok again). My question is: How does Egmont
choose the artists for the scripts they recieve? If mr X would write the best
script ever excisted, would they ask Don Rosa or Carl Barks or Leonardo Da Vinci
to draw it or would it nevertheless be given to some unknown Portugese artist? 
Could somebody help me with the stories before I said them? You know, like
check the English and tell me if they're no good etc.

>Being a (computer) mathematician, I would say the most logical number
>between 8 and 9 would be 8.5.

	Ah, but how then could one do yet another story in the middle? Should
it be 8.25 or should it be 8.33 and the original 8.5 be changed to 8.66?

	You want Finnish data for the Database? Just tell me what to write and
I'll do it. I have practically all information you could possibly need.

>  Modern Italian Disney is often:
>        a) socio-realistic (somewhat italocentric)
>        b) space-opera (*VERY* unscientific)
>        c) time-travel (MM and prof. Einmug)
>        d) ethnographical (Wild West, Backwardistan)
>        e) parodic (world litterature classics)

	Those are Italian?! Yack! I hate them! The science fiction with little
fiction and even less science. The idiot time-travel stories where they go to
the past after a pizza receipt. All those yucky stories with a plot worse than
world should ever know!-( If I don't get any stories published by Egmont, I 
know where to send them...:)


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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