Korean/Japanese Disney

Col. Gregory R. Ball, UED Sec. Adv., SNG gball at baseteninc.com
Thu Jan 16 04:29:17 CET 1997

Dear All,

I was wondering about the Disney situation in Asia.  I went to the
databases, and only found listed some children's level publications listed.
However, if I recall awhile back I remember seeing a scan of a Pooh comic in

I am really starved for some Disney comics being here in the US.  I know
Korean and Japanese well enough to read comics (albeit slowly).  Does anyone
here know any information in regards to:

1) Do these countries have any "worthwhile" publications (ie worth
subscribing from oversees)
2) How would one go about doing that?

Mostly on this list I've seen discussions of the European sitation (which
leads me to believe that is where Disney comics are most popular).  It makes
me wish I had studied Greek or Italian for more than a couple years.

Ah well; thanks,


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