DCML digest, Vol 1 #140 - 7 msgs

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Apr 19 14:15:00 CEST 2000

From: Jakob Soederbaum :
>>>>>>>For the sake of understanding "comic book logic": what if you had
put in
a balloon of curses from DD in the same pannel? It would've manifested
that the boss had his window open, and that he was hearing bad language.
This would have been even funnier, IMO. *But*: would that now be "comic
book logical"? I mean, is it possible for the reader to sense oral
language, while the person closest to it doesn't?

I must address each point of your question or I'd seem rude, but I think we
have crossed into the area termed "beating a dead horse".
No, that would not have worked. The curse balloon would have to have been
in the previous panel where DD is getting his fingers smashed. And that
would have been too soon -- you can't show the smashing of the fingers and
the cursing in the same panel... one follows the other, it is not
simultaneous. It can't be in the panel you suggest because it would appear,
left to right, *after* the word balloon containing where you wish to place
the off-screen person's reaction to hearing it. So, the panel could be
flipped, then the balloon order would be fine. But that still wouldn't
explain why the person much closer to the cursing does not hear it. And we,
as the readers, could not hear it if the secretary could not since we are
even further from DD's window -- it would be different if the scene were
viewed from over DD's shoulder and we were outside the window with DD, then
we'd be able to hear something that the scretary might not, but that would
not explain how the off-screen person could hear it without showing clearly
that he/she was sitting by an adjacent open window. (pant, pant, pant)
Cripes, why keep trying to figure this out? Instead of going to all this
needless trouble to add a joke where none is required and where one will
not fit, the translator could simply *leave the script as it was intended*!

>>>>Assuming, of course,
Grette/Kerstin/Mildred, also known as "the Fuckin' Sec" (a perfectly
timed movie reference, btw - but can *you* recognize it??),

Nope... I don't think that sounds like a line from anything on *my*
"favorite films" list... unless... that isn't what Humphrey Bogart called
Lee Patrick in "The Maltese Falcon", is it? (I think not.)

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