Egmont and Lo$

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at
Tue Feb 1 18:24:23 CET 2000

> years. After that (*months* from now), I'll begin doing a new "Lo$" story
> for PICSOU (since Egmont says they don't want those anymore).

What!!!?? Are they out of their minds??? 
I wonder what the ratio "grown up"-readers to kid-readers is... I've been
reading a lot of Picsou lately btw (I have an exam in french in 2 days,
and it's an effective way of being ineffective when you get tired of all
the evil grammar, without having a bad conscience about it.... :) (end of
long parenthesis)) and it seems to be a little more directed to at least
not diperkids... I don't know, an impression I got. At least they didn't
censor the Lo$ stories with guns like egmont did.  

oh well, back to my french verbs...


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