Anders: Harry, Scarpa

Per-Erik Malmström pekka.malmstrom at
Wed Feb 2 16:41:33 CET 2000

> > Are you guys sure that the Scarpa story isn't coming as an extra to
> > issue 6 in scandinavia? It sure looks like a Scarpa story and tghe
> > tittle is something with Donald Mc Duck... 
> That must be Marco Rota. Scarpa did a *mouse* story, remember? 8-)

Quack!? Are we talkin' year 2000 here? 
Anders, are you referring to the preview in no.5? There's only one drawing
of Scrooge there, and it's definitely done by Vicar! As I said before,
don't hold your breath if you're waiting for stories by Rota.

Btw, Don Rosa: there's at least one fan who likes your slapsticks a lot
more than the adventures... With one exception: Lo$!


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