Biographies needed for Creators File

Rob Klein bi442 at
Thu Feb 3 02:03:53 CET 2000

Hello, DCML members!  This is a plea to anyone who can help us make our
Creators File much more professional looking, and provide interested
parties with more information on Disney Comics artists and writers. 
Currently, most of the Creators have no biography. Some have only a
birthdate or year, or country of birth - with no career info.  We can see
all or most of their story credits, but no career data to provide context. 
Even famous artists whom we all know (such as Daan Jippes) have woefully
little in their bios.  

I know many fans have many fanzines or access to or knowledge of already
printed biographies of many Disney creators.  Perhaps several of us can
scrape up some time to e-mail copies of those bios to Per Starback.  Anyone
who can gather info from various sources to create new bios for
lesser-known creators would be greatly appreciated.  I've done what I can,
in providing one for myself, and Jan Gulbransson.  I have only Dutch
fanzines from late 60's through early 1980's, and could provide old data on
some Dutch artists - but can't do the best job on 60's-'84 Dutch artists
(such as Ben Verhagen, Eddy van Schuylenburg, Jules Coenen, Mark deJonge,
Daan Jippes, Jan Kruse, Michel Nadorp, Wilbert Plijnaar, etc.) - especially
for their recent periods (e.g. Daan Jippes US studio animation and
merchandising work and others non-Disney or post-Disney work).  I have a
full collection of Carl Barks & Co., but I don't feel confident enough to
translate to English to make fully accurate bios.  I don't have any US
fanzines or any others.

Anyone who can help please send any bios or related data to the list

mailman - owner at   or to Per Starback's own e-mail address. 
Thanks - Rob Klein

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