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Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Thu Feb 3 15:05:45 CET 2000

> From: "Fluks, H.W."
> > the main point about eBay is that the winning bidder does
> > *not* pay the amount of his bid, but he simply pays
> > one increment over the second-highest
> > bidder's bid
> I wonder why they introduced such a system. Looks quite unfair to me: if
> want something and make sure noone else bids anymore, just bid a billion
> dollars (and pay only $205).

And maybe hafta pay a billion dollars if some other bidder has that same
foolish notion? No, it's an *excellent* system that seems to delight about
2 or 3 million winning bidders *each day*, me included! (And I've hardly
*ever* had to pay anywhere even close to a billion dollars!) Think about it
more and you'll see how well it works.

> > every single
> > message I get starts out by saying that the "Lo$" are their favorite
> > stories.
> Maybe *I* should write a letter to you, then? 8-)

Maybe so, but did you see the other messages in the same Digest as yours?
One guy saying that he likes my other slapstick stories better, another
saying that he likes me "Lo$" better, and another who says he doesn't like
my adventure stories *except* "Lo$"? See what I'm up against if I try to
please everyone? I've learned that with every single story of mine that is
published, there will be one person somewhere who thinks it's the best
story I have ever done (or *anyone* has ever done in comics!), there will
be another person who is certain it's the worst story I've ever done, and
everyone else will fall evenly spaced somewhere in between the two.
Therefore, my only solution is to do the stories that *I* like to do, and
not worry about anyone else (but hope for the best). It's the editors who
need to lose their hair trying to outguess readers' tastes and preferences.
I'm glad that's not my job!

> *My* favourite Rosa stories are "His Majesty, McDuck", "Return to
> "On a Silver Platter", and "A Matter of Some Gravity". Lo$ comes at place
> or 7, or so.

But... then that still makes it one of your favorites. Oh, well, don't
confuse me further! Aaaiee!

> Well, maybe it's more that Scrooge *treats* him like a dope.

Ah. That's what you meant. Yes, you're right, he does. He does that. Yes.

> The "blue duck" stuff was in the German version too. But when the
> (I think) say that Donald applies to that, they don't say that Donald
*is* a
> duck, but that Donald "swims like a duck". I thought this was a typical
> Rosaism, since you regard the Ducks as real people (though drawn in
> unfamiliar shapes). So you would never refer to Donald as being "a duck"
> (except when it's funny).

Aha! No, that reference by the nephew was *not* in my original script. But
it's GOOD! If I hadn't said anything, I could have claimed it was mine!!!
Drat! I *was* careful not to have the Nephew say "Our Unca Donald is a
duck!" for the reasons you mention (he's a human!) But I had the Kid saying
he dresses in blue. I didn't think about having them also say he "swims
like a duck"! That was a good touch!

> From: "Rodney w bowcock jr."
> speaking of auctions.......does anyone know why when you look up "Don
> Rosa" on yahoo auctions you get a bunch of stuff for the deceased rap
> star 2-Pac?  I can't figure it out, and it's irritating me to no end.

But that's me... "rap" was what I used to do before I started doing comics.

Oh, no, wait. I owned a construction company. That's right. Sorry. I got
mixed up.

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