Lo$ and "Attaaaack"

Oyvind J. Karstad oyvind at karstad.no
Thu Feb 3 18:35:04 CET 2000

>Egmont has told me (and I don't guess there's any reason that this is a
>"secret" since it's definitely what they say) that the readers do not like
>my "Lo$" stories or my other complex history-based treasure hunts and
>adventures, and that they will only accept action and slapstick stories
>from me.

The first time I read Lo$ I was only 10 (or 11?).
**And I thought they were some of the best stories I had ever read!**
I was even younger when I read "His Majesty McDuck",
another complex story with much "grownup-thinking" and Duckburg-history.
But I loved it!

If any of you guys from Egmont are reading this, here is a question for you:
What are you thinking about?
Where did you get that crazy idea about what the readers want?
Can you please explain this?

>It occurs to me, since you're asking me about Egmont's not wanting any
>future "Lo$" stories, I should make sure I explain what they say
>completely -- they say that the original 12 episodes of the series were
>okay, but that there is no reason to continue it, and that it's the
>subsequent episodes that the readers don't like. 

Well, I have to admit that I was at least 14 when I first read "The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff",
but I guess I would have liked it as much when I was 7, maybe even more.
Both this story and "The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark" is full of action,
and i think most kids would like them better than the usual (IMO often boring) Vicar-stories.

>If Byron has made a wrong decision yet, I haven't noticed it.

Nobody is perfect.

Some questions for Don:

Who are / what is "The Three Cabarellos"?
I know I have heard of it before. 
Was it a Disney-cartoon featuring Donald?

What will the next Lo$-story be about?

Can you tell us some details about the "Attaaaack"-story you did for Picsou?

BTW, does anybody know when this story will be published in France?
Will Egmont use this story and "The Coin"?
Or maybe they are far too complicated for us Scandinavians?

(Who thinks that "Incident in McDuck Tower" is one of Rosa's best stories.
Am I the only one?  :-)

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