Don Rosa's stories sonia_dyer at
Thu Feb 3 20:44:21 CET 2000

     "Egmont has told me (and I don't guess there's any reason that this is a 
     "secret" since it's definitely what they say) that the readers do not 
     like my "Lo$" stories or my other complex history-based treasure hunts 
     and adventures.."
                Well as a history buff, I most particularly DO enjoy your 
     complex history-based treasure hunts and adventures, whether part of Lo$ 
     or not!  I'm not familiar with the Kalevala epic and am curious about 
     it... is there somewhere I could read the actual epic in English?
     "brace yourself for the possibility/probability that
     there may never again be Disney comics in the English language."
                A very sad situation.  I too miss my regular dose of U$.  Is 
     there a Spanish-language publisher of your new work?

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