Donald doesn't think he's human....

Henri Kunne HJC.Kunne at
Sat Feb 5 22:29:48 CET 2000

Hi, all,
After lurking for quite a time, I feel compelled to break the
silence. With some annoyance and much surprise I've
been reading for the last days, the discussion of Donald
being human. And everyone seems to agree....
    Donald doesn't. Some nice oldies of the dutch Disney
weekly give me proof ;-). Issue 33 of 1964 contains a story
telling about Donald and his nephews visiting one of those
for-one-single-case-cousins. Donald and the cousin retell
an old remembrance of their running away from home and
getting into lots of troubles. After just failing to become a
bear's prey, they swim home and Donald says:"Sometimes
it's nice to be a duck! This is much handier than walking!"
The cousin agrees:"To be a living duck is even nicer!" The
most beautiful thing: even if they're using their arms a tiny
bit, the panel SHOWS them swimming like ducks.
    Over half a year later, issue 11 of 1965, Donald answers
the door and finds it's Feathry. Stupidly aiming a gun at
Donald, he says:"Hello, Donald! I'm heading for a duck
    Donald(throwing the gun away):"But you cannot do that!
We're family members! We're cousins!"
    Feathry:"Aw, but I'd never shoot at you! I'm hunting only for
real ducks!"
    Donald:"What an insult! What do you think I am....a fake

Well, he's even insisting being a real duck and nothing else.
    Seriously, the idea of Donald and his family members being
humans, makes me wince. And I'd really like to know: why
should anyone WANT them to be?

Greetings to everyone,
Henri Kunne

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