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Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Sat Feb 5 14:13:05 CET 2000

That was the longest list I ever saw... and I've been ill so I have a
lot to catch up on...

Don Rosa seems to be confused now... thinking that he's a rap star! ;-)
Did you know that Donald Duck once made a record where he raps? in
dnaish the sound quack is the same as rap so that was quite funny!

> Why hasn't Egmont published any of those extra issues in Sweden since
> I want more such issues in Sweden!
Tell you're publisher that. I don't know whjy they stopped. some
company policy maybe. the swedsih weekly has enlargement instead...

EBAY, bidding at ebay, you can set a high bid, eg. 100 $, so the next
bidder bits 25 dollars, 1 dollar more than you, then you're still the
high bidder. then, if someone overbids your high bid you get a mail...

Arie send a nice long mail to us:-)
I think that Rosa-stories are wordy, and many words are nice new words
that one can use oneself... They aren't too wordy, I agree

> "he envies him"??? 
Scrooge envies Donald (look at the forbiden valley story) because
Donald hasn't got problems Like scrooge. no Beagle boys want to rob
Donald, no sorceress wants to have his first coin. Donald only has to
care how he can find money for his next ice cream soda!

You're right, Barks has many fun details too, like the fish in the
aquariums in many splash-panels of the WDC-10-pagers. and the
Gyro-stories where there's a double story line. Helper does one thing
while Gyro does something completely different!

> > Egmont didn't censor the guns in Lo$ chapter ? and ?. Disney made
> > Gladstone tell Rosa to retouch them...
> Retouch them??? By changing guns to .....???? 
Disney had the panels of Lo$ remade where they show guns or people on
paintings that have a gun-hole in the head. the guns where made into
just fingers, and the hole was erased.

> > Bon chance:-) !
> Whats' that mean if i may know. Please share the meaning of it as i
> there are some people who doesn't know this expression either. Please
> enlighten me :-)
It means good luck in french.

> Someone named PE??? sez somethin like this
His name is Pekka, and it's short for his name. the reason it says ISO
85756353 PE 56856874647 is that his computer sends messages in a
scandinavian format.

> Why??? i mean what's the matter with Rota and his upcoming stories?
> i would like to know.
Nothing's the matter, they just don't come so often, as his stories
takes long to make.
> A question from this newbie(me of course, who else): Of Ducks, Dimes,
> Destinies, when did you finish it? After or before the whole Lo$
before, but it was published after the other chapters.
> Whew, that's a "mouthful" BTW one more thing i'd like to know. How
> there's a reply message to a message in the same DCML digest. How can
> be? I am confused. Pleaze help me.
some people get the mails one by one. and sometimes we send mails both
to the list and to the one who has to answer, and that person answers
before the list is send out.

Oyvind send two mails.
I was 13 when i first read the Lo$, becoming 14 and 15 while it was
published. It was a thing that you waited for with glee.

> BTW, does anybody know when this story will be published in France?
> Will Egmont use this story and "The Coin"?
> Or maybe they are far too complicated for us Scandinavians?
The coin isn't too complicated I would say. 

> (Who thinks that "Incident in McDuck Tower" is one of Rosa's best
> Am I the only one?  :-)
I like that story too. 

> From: "Joakim Gunnarsson" 

> In Denmark there will be a bonus comic with an old Scarpa story in
> This will, unfortunately not be included in the Swedish weekly,
It shouldn't be hard to get the comic for you if you want to?
> /Joakim Gunnarsson, 
> who actually got the printed copy of #7, with the new
> in his hands this afternoon!
You lucky guy!


> "You can gladly have it, if you teach my people something noble and 
> square." And HDL responds "Playing chess is noble and square"

> What does it say in your countries ?
Was that the How to read DD or the original? In Danish he talks about
Lnaciers, which is a french folk dance, where you stand in quadrilles,
which is a square. 


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