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Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Sun Feb 6 13:09:21 CET 2000

> From: Eta Beta <pflip at tiscalinet.it>
> he does mix it all together... a story I'm surprised nobody mentioned
> (or maybe I missed that) is "The Duck That Never Was", my own second
Isn't the real title "The Duck Who Never Was"???

> best (I'm a Capra fan, too), what "genre" would that be ?
Capra or Carpa??? Are you just sleepy or you just take a heavy dose of
drugs? ;-)

> Parody, maybe, but anyway it doesn't fit much into any "schematic"
> approach to Don's work...
> Also, among the Lo$ chapters, the "Cutty Sark" one is my favourite,
> for various reasons, among which, I admit, its ambience, I spent a few
> months in Indonesia long time ago, and loved it (hello, Arie, apa
> kabar ?  :-)
Baik sekali, thank you. ;-) Sorry for the other milizers:-) Can't understand
a bit, huh? BTW, in what city were you?

> Well, sorry, folks, it seems I'm in a pessimistic mood right now, but
> this piece of news saddened me nearly as much as Gladstone closing shop
> did, although it seems I'll be one of the few lucky fellows who will be
> able to keep reading Don's long stories in a language they can understand
> (hoping it won't be Greece *only* :-)...
> It's the matter of principle that worries me, and I don't see any silver
> lining in this cloud...
Lightning maybe??? Wow, you must be takin' somethin' ;-)

> From: "Henri Kunne" <HJC.Kunne at net.HCC.nl>
> After lurking for quite a time, I feel compelled to break the
> silence. With some annoyance and much surprise I've
> been reading for the last days, the discussion of Donald
> being human. And everyone seems to agree....
>     Donald doesn't.
Well, duck isn't always a duck if you know what i mean. Sure DD and the
"gang" were drawn in duck shapes. Sure they're ducks alright. But IMHO, the
creators and artists  (CB and DR included) likes to tell stories about DD
and U$ in their daily adventures which --if you notice-- showed the readers
how "human" can they be in emotions and thinkings. C'mon, guys The Golden
Helmet where DD showed his "darker side" made me surprised and entertained.
In short, what i'm tryin' to say is it's all about imaginary characters in
our real world(else why CB and DR likes to include "human" historical and
mythical stuffs in the "ducks" world).

> From: "Anders Christian Sivebaek" <acsive at mail.mira.dk>
> > Someone named PE??? sez somethin like this
> His name is Pekka, and it's short for his name. the reason it says ISO
> 85756353 PE 56856874647 is that his computer sends messages in a
> scandinavian format.
i see. That's pretty interesting. What's his real pronouncable name then?

> > Or maybe they are far too complicated for us Scandinavians?
> The coin isn't too complicated I would say.
May i know what's with this whole Scandinavian things? i mean how come the
stories which to be printed to Scandinavians are selected as though they're
a bunch of low IQs. Hey, don't get me wrong. No offense was meant and that's
the impression i got after reading that line.

(One day, Liu Bei was walkin in the city and read the plague about the
recruitment to fight the rebels. After reading it, he sighed. Suddenly,
there's a loud voice from his back saying,"Why don't you join the army and
help defend our country than stand here and whining?" Liu Bei looked back
and--Three Kingdoms)

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