donald a duck?

Ridout ridout5 at
Tue Feb 8 00:34:01 CET 2000

I think that the problem is that everyone is confusing is the words "human"
and "person". I don't think that they're necessarily the same thing at all.
I always assumed that duckburg sorta existed in a parallel dimension or
something, in which people evolved from all sorts of animals and not just
monkies. It's pretty obvious that Barks didn't consider donald an actual
duck becuse several of his one-shot characters had both human and bird
characteristics (more so than donald). Several of his background characters
consisted of things like chickens with ears and human feet, etc. (which I
always found to be a little creepy). Speaking of the contradictions, I read
a Talifero strip when I was pretty young where donald was going duck
hunting. I became extremely disturbed until I stepped back and thought about
the entire thing a bit.

As for the european comics showing humans in impossible caricatures (sp?),
you'd be pretty surprised just how much some people actually resemble them.
Back in 1964/5, a live action Tintin movie came out called "Les Oranges
Bleu". The actors looked SO much like the characters, you would have sworn
that Herge had drawn them from real life. The resemblence for Bianca
Castafiore was *especially* frightening. Asterix is still another matter
though, I guess. Heh heh, I'd really laugh if I saw someone that looked like
Asterix or Obelix walking down the street...

(devoted Tintin & Asterix fan as well as Donald)

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