Square egg and , Can someone get me the extra with Scarpa in #6 ?

Ola Martinsson Ola.Martinsson at uab.ericsson.se
Wed Feb 9 10:47:44 CET 2000

Hi all you lucky danes and norwegians !

>         Weekly #6 indeed has an extra in Scandinavia which *is* by Scarpa,
> and the story is
> I AO55006-A: "Il carnevale di Paperin Paperone" (Anders Von Ands festlige
> dage)
>         It's an early Scarpa story (from 1955) that Egmont hasn't published
> before. And the stars are Uncle Scrooge and Donald.
I hope I'm not out on deep water here, but ...
Is it possible that one of you out there can get me a copy of this extra
with Scarpa ? I suppose that the Scarpa in #7 will be published in
Sweden ? If not I would really want to get that too.

And I have another question 

These extras that we unfortunate swedes haven't got since 1992, Does any
of them contain anything else that is a gem like #6 above that haven't
been printed in Sweden ?

I wish that I ...

And another mystery to me is the fact that why aren't the D coded
stories used when they are produced ? If you look in an average issue of
the Swedish weekly some stories are bound to be older than 1999. I mean
they make the stories themselves so they logically ought to be planned
to be printed in some issue in the near future I would think. But
they're not. Why not ?

> "You can gladly have it, if you teach my people something noble and 
> square." And HDL responds "Playing chess is noble and square"

> What does it say in your countries ?
Was that the How to read DD or the original? In Danish he talks about
Lnaciers, which is a french folk dance, where you stand in quadrilles,
which is a square. 


This is in the weekly, I have never seen the book. I must say that I
actually prefer chess before a dance.

"I don't even know what I don't even know" Ron Mael 1977

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