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I haven't watched the Asterix-movie either. Did they really make gerard
as fat and round as Obelix is? "I'm not found, I'm just well
upholstered" (as he says in a danish cartoon)

> From: "Stahl, Joachim GE - EV" <j.stahl at>

> Last year among the most popular stories were Don Rosa's "The
Treasure of
> the Ten Avatars" and "Escape from Forbidden Valley";
As if there's no history in those... 
Ten Avatars! ;-) and an album with that story just came out in january
too, right?

I hope you can mention the code of those other stories, I'd like to
find them.

> and most of the Manga-style stories with Barks scripts. 
Ha! Really shows how different readers are, huh? I for one think
they're disgusting. and some other Barks-fans has told me that too...
Why is it that barks has to be reworked into Manga, children books like
they did in DK 1987 or into Ducktales. Aren't they perfect as they are?
Maybe they're too ldfashioned. the manga-story I saw with the rainmaker
Donald (Super-action-comic) was very changed from the original.

> 	>But anyway *I* think Don makes his story for the single reader, if
> one
> 	person notes that detail about the second-biggest frog, it saves his
> 	day:-) Because that detail was made for that person. so it's for a
> 	possible minority, not a majority<
> 	No doubt, there are thousands of single adult fans who love both Don
> Rosa's historical and his non-historical stories.
Glad you agree.

> But sorry, the Egmont magazines aren't made for them, 
I'll read them anyway. 

> But Egmont can't afford to publish stories just to please the older
readers when > these stories aren't accepted by the majority of the
young ones as well.
I understand. They can't afford. I once thought of a comic in Denmark,
maybe like the I mastri Disney in Italy, but it seems it didn't work
for long downthere. 

I think children must have changed then, maybe to what I would call the
worse... When i was a kid I would have loved to read the Lo$-chapters,
I know that. 
Also in the early years of the then monthlies every boy and girl in our
bought it every week, the local kiosk or bookstore would have it for
them, as a kind of subscription. today, and I was smaller, the weekly
is bought so to speak by accident, sometimes just because of the extra.
and when the kids grow like 10 years old, the parent fool them into
believing that they're too old to read that kids stuff, so the readers
stop in earlier and earlier ages than before. IMO. 
BTW The super-action-comics seems to be the only Barks-comics in you
MM, that is sad to me. But I guess the german public doesn't like Barks
in MM? Only in albums then. 
In Denmark we luckily have a barks-story every 5th issue in average. I
don't know if the kids like that, but right now it's the almost only
way to find Barks, as we only have the goldbooks as alternative. and
they come once a year. (Plus to yearbooks, but that is reprints)

Now I'll stop complaining and be sure to buy all the new issues I can
find tomorrow. allthough I'm not always happy with publishing policys I
love that we actually have Duck comics here. I want to support the
Publisher by buying all the comics. Even Paperinik and Princesses,
where I am not at all part of the target group of those magazines.
Imagine if Disney took the license away or tried to take over like they
did in Italy (They gave it back, didn't they?). I once wrote in a
school project that it would be enough for the weekly to live through
the jubilee in march last year. I deeply regret having said that.

To hit back on Egmont again: maybe someone doesn't think those stories
are good enough for us? Maybe that's the problem. I've seen the coin
(and actually made it possible for others to see it) and I think we do
deserve to have it published. But I am not the publisher so I'll leave
it to them.

> That was a stupid question to ask after i think for a while. I mean
> kind of a story will fit in before the Lo$ chapters, make no sense,
> well.....:-)
Maybe it wasn't so stupid after all to ask that question. Maybe a
could fit in before, Don? The once planned chapter one had lots more
about the McDucks before $crooge. Byron wisely said to Don that it was 
the story of $crooge and not the earlier ones. Maybe now it's time to
the family up again? It could be a chapter 0/1 :-) (Like italian
Paperinik comics, but those = slash were try-out-versions if I remember

You might have been a little over-fresh as we say in danish. and please
not any more indonesian:-) Ou je parle Francais a toi! (Or I'll talk
french to you)
> Gaute 
Brio rings a bell to me saying swedish or danish the Donald-figure must
have been amde after 1934, maybe in the 40'es. 


> I hope I'm not out on deep water here, but ...
Of course you're not

I will get you that extra if not Ole Roc gets it for you:-)
I think the Scarpa will be in the swedish weekly 7 as they cooperate.
if not it wont be too late to find out in the end of next week.

> These extras that we unfortunate swedes haven't got since 1992, Does
> of them contain anything else that is a gem like #6 above that
> been printed in Sweden ?
There have been some Rosa-extras, (Croesus, Columbus, Eldorado) some
extras with the long movie adaptions, like Toy Story. and Some
barks-classics, including the Mummy's Ring, Cold Bargain and some
others. I'd be happy to find these for you if you haven't seen the

I think it takes 6 months or so before D-coded stories come in the
weekly, and it takes time to work them into schedules and so. also
there must be stacks of stories that are found to bad for the weekly
and not published. there's lots of d-coded Minnie-stories and d-coded
one-pagers that we have never seen, that maybe greeks or germans have

> This is in the weekly, I have never seen the book. 
I read the story in a gladstone album

> I must say that I actually prefer chess before a dance.
Me too:-) esepcially after having danced lanciers in 3rd grade at High

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