Donald thinks he's human....

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Wed Feb 9 16:13:52 CET 2000


> >If a fluks would be an animal, I could insist on being a
> >fluks... 8-)

> Sorry, this argument doesn't hold water, but that's not your 
> mistake, it's mine.

No, it *is* my mistake. I am Dutch myself. I simply forgot that the Dutch
word for duck is eend! That's what people get when they write too much in
English... 8-)

> BTW, now I've found a much younger example, easier to 
> find by my Dutch list fellows

The other two stories you mentioned were "S-coded" stories: they were made
in the USA, but only published in Europe.

> issue 52 of 1983 brings a story about Donald 
> failing at a rabbit hunt.

This is a Dutch story. Probably not published anywhere else.
(I don't mean to imply anything; this is just FYI.)

Harry Eend, Leendschendam, Neenderland

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