About Ducks, Humans, and Destinies

Santiago Garcia Banhos sgarcia at uf-isf.es
Fri Feb 11 14:31:21 CET 2000

>>Interesting way of reasoning. Using that, I can prove that my PC is human.
>>Or anything else, for that matter, as long as:
>>> a) it does not walk like a duck;
>>> b) it does not talk like a duck;
>>> c) it does not look like a duck.
>Sure, only problem is that Donald Duck could be either a Duck or a human
>(or both in some proportion, given our discussion). In my pseudo-analysis,
>the two events are not mutually exclusive (part human, part Duck), but they
>surely are *EXHAUSTIVE*!!! Your computer (or anything else for that matter)
>are not elements of my relevant sample space. :-)  QED :-)

No intention at all to tear off the intelligent reasonings of Harry
and Archontis, but I think Arie has aimed the spot:
>DD and the ducks' characters are all to be meant as
>characters equal to men and not real men

I think that's right. From the very begginning, Disney created
a zoo-world with living beings from many species, in which there are
no interracial (or inter-special) problems: Everybody speaks the same
language, lives the same way, cares for the same things. Everyone
treats each other as equal, no matter wathever biological differences
exist. (Now I can't remember any story in which there is any sort of
segregation because of the specie. Could anyone of you?)

For me, ducks are a *family* symbol. I mean, all ducks belong to the
same family (or almost, provided that Daisy and Donald are NOT married,
but they could be someday), and they (almost)all have the name "McDuck".

Now it's comming to my mind those sci-fi stories in which there are
outer-space worlds where they live together creatures from different
galaxies and animal/vegetable species that are able to inter-
communicate (Like "Starwars", f.e.). And there you are: Disney was the
first in create such a mixed world, in the 1930's.

Put a duck in your life! :-)


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