Obelix description of self

sonia_dyer@hp.com sonia_dyer at hp.com
Sat Feb 12 03:20:12 CET 2000

     > Did they really make gerard as fat and round as Obelix is?
     Yes! Have a look at http://www.asterix.tm.fr/lefilm/img/photo12.jpg
     > "I'm not found, I'm just well
     > upholstered" (as he says in a danish cartoon)
     I suspect you mean "fat", not "found". In any case, in the Greek 
     he says "I'm not fat; I have a low chest"!
        In the USA Obelix says "I'm not fat, just well-covered", which 
     never made any sense to me.  I think the word "upholstered" works much 

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