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Sat Feb 12 15:23:18 CET 2000

Hello, everybody -

Just a short note to comment on the latest digest, Vol 1 #80, which
I just received, and which gave me half an hour of very entertaining
reading... best "issue" of the year, so far... :-)

Special thanks to Don for his "fictional" (sigh!) piece, and Gary,
for finally clearing things up, and showing us that Donald really
is a pipe... :-)  (JKOC, Magritte's my fave, too, I have the "Empire
of Lights" and a coupla others on my own walls... :-)

And Oliv's own surreal piece was very appropriate... I loved it :-)

Also, I quite appreciated the Obelix excursion... we should have more
of these little OTs, imho... (and it's "low chest" in Italy as well)


>> >>(I'm a Capra fan, too)..
>> >>I don't see any silver lining in this cloud...
>> Ma'af, man, but you DO need a bit of advice...
>No-no-no, saya yang seharusnya minta maaf. Maafin yah?

Of course, don't worry, it wasn't such a big incident :-)

[drugs references]
Don't wan't to give you a wrong idea about that, BTW, an expression like
"you must be takin' something" is commonly used, nowadays, but mostly
in circles of friends and relatives, you don't say that to just anybody,
that's all... :-)

>> "Put it in your pipe and smoke it!"
>Well, errr, this.....errr...i don't know the meaning of this one.

And I don't know if I can really explain... as is the case with most
jokes, they lose their "strength" when explained... :-)

However, I meant that for a double purpose, first to crack a joke myself
with reference to drugs, where a pipe is often used, then, to show you
again the importance of idiomatics and/or figures of speech...

The above phrase doesn't actually mean anything, it's just a "formula"
with which one might end up an argument, friendly or not, as the winning
side, after exposing the "adversary" to a lot of evidence in favour of
his opinions. It's just like "so there!", only better :-)

In this particular case, you would have to chop up the dictionaries,
those of American Cinema and idiomatics, and smoke those in your pipe...
but make sure your pipe is really a pipe... you never know... ;-)

(Kids, don't try this at home... :-)


Eta Beta

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