Regular Disney Titles in Greece

Francois Willot fwcacou at
Sun Feb 13 12:39:47 CET 2000

Archontis wrote:

> >I would say the "regular" Disney comic book is "Le journal de
> >Mickey", which is a weekly, like "Topolino" in Italy, "Micky Maus" in
> >Germany, "Anders And" in Denmark or "Donald Duck" in Norway.
> >(I wonder though what is the regular comic-book in Greece).
> >From your examples above it seems that you equate "regular" with
> >weekly

In the message I quoted, we talked about "the regular Disney
publication". There are of course several regular Disney publications in
most countries, so I (mistakenly?) thought "the regular publication" was
"the main publication of a particular country".
I assumed weeklies could be considered the "main" Disney publications
anyway (historically, they often were launched first, in the late 40s or
beginning of the 50s).
But I had never heard of the Greek "Miky Maous". Is it a pocket book
like "Topolino"?


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