Scamp's universe

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Wed Feb 16 16:47:36 CET 2000

Dear all.

At the moment some of us in the Inducks team are trying to find out
the original names of the members (characters) in Scamp's universe.

If you are the lucky owner of any original American Scamp story,
please listen in at

As you can see, we have concentrated on Manuel Gonzales's Scamp
universe, and less on the usual Lady and Tramp gallery which
is already more or less known to us (see Inducks for details).

What we really wish to know is the name of the little blue bird,
what's the name of Scamp's best friend--the white dog with the ring
around his eye etc. etc., and we hope that YOU can provide one or more
of those names :-)

I am sorry to tell, that you cannot *win* anything here, but your
contributions will be very much appreciated, and the names we
receive will (eventually) be an integrated part of Inducks.

Happy name hunting! :-)

Ole & Søren

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