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Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Mon Feb 21 09:22:16 CET 2000


> Mostly on this list I've seen discussions of the European sitation (which
> leads me to believe that is where Disney comics are most popular).  It makes
> me wish I had studied Greek or Italian for more than a couple years.

I have studied *no* Italian, and with my knowledge of English (plus a bit
of French and Latin) I was able to struggle through the Italian edition
of Don's "War of the Wendigo", back when Gladstone could only dream of
publishing the story in English. Carrying this further, Archontis actually
*learnt* Italian by struggling through Italian Disney comics using this
method, so I would think that with a couple of years of studying Italian
you would have no problem reading Italian comics, perfecting your language
skills along the way. The question is whether two years of studying
(presumably ancient) Greek are enough to enable you to read Greek comics!

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