Expocartoon Again

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Mon Feb 21 23:49:28 CET 2000

 Hello, All...

> The next Expocartoon will start on 30th March to end 2nd April (more
> than one month earlier than usual). And I'll sure be there. Maybe Luca
> or someone else can help us arranging a sort of official Disney comics
> fan meeting?

Well... I SHOULD be there, since I've an exhibition, about A. Terenghi, a
non-Disney old italian cartoonist. But... I've a lot of things to do in this
period, and maybe I'm able to be there only the last day, on Sunday... So,
I'm not able to organize a meeting, as I wish. It'd be even possible I
couldn' ta attend...

Harry asks..
> Will it be easy, in the holy year 2000, to get a place to stay in Rome?

And I say: SURELY NO!!! It's a total mess! Same problem in November. People
is booking rooms for the NEXT Expocartoon, around 15th of November, and has
a lot of problems just now.

Bye! And sorry!


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