(Ancient) Greek ;-)

Marco Barlotti marcobar at ds.unifi.it
Mon Feb 21 21:56:39 CET 2000

At 10:22:16 21/02/2000 +0200, Kriton Kyrimis wrote:
>The question is whether two years of studying
>(presumably ancient) Greek are enough to enable you to read Greek comics!

That's easy to answer!
I have studied ancient Greek for five years, getting top degrees at my
final examinatons, and I can't understand a damned single word in the
(three) KOMIX issues I have!


(I can't read Homerus either... that's not the kind of Greek I learned
(Koine'). I can't read Saffo (?) either, but for a couple of poems...
Phainomai moi kenos isos theoisin emmen' oner' ottis enantios tois...)


[totally OT today... Per please forgive me...]

BTW... Why isn't Latin called "Ancient Italian" ?   ;-)

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