Story from Barks, Strobl AND Jippes

Botto Armando Armando.Botto at
Wed Feb 23 09:26:26 CET 2000

<< Page 2 presents us a black-and-white
> reproduction of the Gold Key comic containing the Strobl story.
> No issue number is to be seen, but it has the title of the story:
> "Donald Duck, Officer for a Day ". Guess that original must be
> paid with gold now, but does anybody know about some
> reprint? Any translation is welcome, too.>>
Here is what the INDUCKS has to say:
The story was originally printed in the U.S. in "Donald Duck" 126, in 1969. 
U.S. reprint: "Donald Duck" 242 (1982... but I wouldn't be surprised if this
comic book turned out to be more expensive than the 1969 one ;-))
Italian reprints: "Topolino" 732 (1969), "Zio Paperone" 29 (1992... *for
sure* much more expensive than the 1969 "Topolino"! I'd say, about $ 5 for
ZP 29, $ 2 for TL 732)
German reprint: weekly 13 & 14 (1972)
Danish and Swedish reprints: weekly 4 & 5 (1972)

Hope it helps,

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