Who made it?!

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at tin.it
Thu Feb 24 23:37:20 CET 2000

From: "Fernando Ventura" <fernandopventura at uol.com.br>

> Today I bought a Italian Disney Comic into a library. In that edition
> is a old history that I think is american. There aren't any code, but I
> something draw by this artist before in some brazilians comics. I really
> like his(or her)style and i'm very interisting in learn something about
> he/she. I can't put scans off it now, because my mouse is not working, so
> can't use my scanner. If someone have this comic and know who made this
> comic, or something more, please, say to me!!!
>     Gli Albi di Topolino #62 decembre 1998-"Paperina e il primo volo", 13
> pages, first published in Topolino #647 from April,21,1968.

S 67119, pages: 13, layout 3, writer: Dick Kinney?, art: Al Hubbard
Paperina e il primo volo

So, you're right, this artist is a GREAT artist, Al Hubbard!

If you have access to recent Italian comics there you could give a look at:

Zio Paperone #118 (July 1999) with:

S 66148  7 DKi AH  Paperoga pollicoltore
S 66086 11 DKi AH  01 Paperbond in "Il caso delle perle rubate"
S 67018  8 DKi AH  Paperoga "lupo" di porto

The new version of the Almanacco Topolino #4 (December 1999)

S 66095 11 DKi AH  Paperoga mente deduttiva

On ZP 118 you can also find (in Italian) an interesting article written by
list-member Luca Boschi with infos about this artist (who died in 1984)



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