Slovenia, article

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at
Sat Jan 1 16:56:17 CET 2000

I was lucky in the last days of 1999, I finally find the only extra I
missed for my weekly collection, so
it's now complete back to 1978. 
The 30th I found a comic with Mickey in Slovenian. There's some
one-pagers and the Barks-story 
foxy relations in that issue. Rearranged to be 13 pages with 3-tiers (2
panels are gone). I love to have 
foreign issues so i was happy to find that.
Later we visitted some friends, and the mother had found an article in
a local news-paper, about the 
Quest for Kalevala! A very positve article from a press-agency
I'm going to translate it and put it online, but I'll tell you this: It
says there are plans to publish a book
with the story in Denmark too... This of course sounds good, but I'm
not sure I believe it!

Hoping all technical installations are functioning at your house too,
have a good year.


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