Tarzan and Picsou

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Wed Jan 5 16:01:39 CET 2000

My question about Tarzan was answered many times. Thanks:-)

> yes in the USA.
>   Dark Horse put out a 2 issue series.
> Not sure if Disney Adventures did one or not...
I see. well, maybe I should go for that version, as i can read
> > I guess you other scandinavians haven't seen it either?
> Huh? Oh, wha? Scandinavians? Ups, sorry about that.
No, don't be sorry, that was actually meant the other way. 
I didn't expect the scandinavians to answer, cause our weeklies 
are almost the same, apart from titles and some stories that we 
decide ourselves.

> PS : there's a rumour about the change 
> of the name of this mag which should
> be "Don and Carl Mag"
Isn't this crossing the line a bit? If the really did that it would
stop any other artists from those being in the mag... I'm a fan 
of both, but I like to read other artists too... 
already the prize in american currency of the mag is "Duckburg: 
10 cents as usual" :-)

> PPPS : PM promised us to print *all* the Barks' Gladstone
> stories along approximatly 18 issues.
> That's such a long time they leave this idea.
Did they not keep that promise or what? 
well already the list of the stories, in that Picsou-mag with the
Gladstone-pin-up was incomplete...

> Finally... if you want to join the PicMag "specialist" 
> by email :
> picsoumagdhp at hfp.fr
What is that about?
and would one have to write something in the subject line?

> I suppose the Danish publisher decided that with all the half
> dozen other versions of the story targeted at various age groups
> it was kind of stupid to give away the only regular comic version
> with the weekly. 
You're right there... but then they could have published it along-side
all the other books, as a one-shot. 

> Not that I've seen the various merchandize for
> this movie, but it's as much a tradition as the christmas supple-
> ment issue.
And this tradition even one year caused that there were two extras in
december. one with Lion King and a reprint of another christmas parade.

> Which wasn't saved away btw, but had a coverless
> reprint of the 50es edition of the Barks one-shot "You Can't Guess".
coverless, yes... the first page used as a cover... pretty annoying for
us inducksers...

> The Tarzan story looks good, I can tell from the Dutch serialized
> edition.
I see. well, you know what I will want to see when we next meet:-)
> Here in Finland the Tarzan story was published in three parts in the
middle of the Aku Ankka weekly. Well I liked it !!
Argh... this is starting to sound that we're the only ones left out...
and I suppose all you others have Tarzan-merchandise along side that
serial? 3 parts? did they make those annoying summary panels then??


> In addition to the "Tarzan" adaptation, this
> extra-thick issue (thickest so far, they claim!)
Isn't that true?

> also features Almanacco Topolino re-prints by Carpi and Scarpa ("Il
> drago Kandelor", AT #181, 1972). 
Sounds nice, as far as I can tell...


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