DCML digest, Vol 1 #45 - 2 msgs

ben, kris, & ross rlp at ibm.net
Sun Jan 9 08:55:40 CET 2000

greetings duck fans!

i have not posted in a long time and i was curious if the fine art of the
duck clan has returned to the united states in comics? ( - since gladstone
stopped making the comics?)  i eagerly awaited the gladstone comics (and i
must say - the disney produced ones while they were out) and am still sad
that they stopped.  if anyone can help me out and let me know if i have
missed the start of the return of the ducks (donald, uncle $crooge or
others) to the english language.

any input is welcome.  sorry for my language deficiency (am only read
english text but the pictures speak for themselves - especially rosa
artwork!) but i need the english text.

thanks, ross
rlp at ibm.net
austin, texas, usa

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