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As I told you two weeks ago, I bought some Disney comics in Israel in
One is Winnie the Pooh (Poo Hadov, 'Pooh the bear'). This comic has no real
comic stories, only illustrated stories. It's aimed at small children -
most of the stories has vowels.

The other comic is Olamo shel Disni ('Disney's world'). Pages 12-47 are
used for text pages (about animals, sports, witches, monsters), a fact page
about "Ma'adam Mim" and a poster with Donald holding a horseshoe to protect
him from three black cats' bad luck.

In the first story (six pages), 'Donald Dak' asks Gyro to make a (female)
robot to do the house. Everything is ok until Donald presses the wrong
button. The robot gives Donald a *hot* bath and other ill treatment. On the
last page Donald flees Gyro's house after duplicating the robot.

Next is Ziko Haze'ev ('Zeke the Wolf'), two pages. Zeke scares a bear's
cub, and is chased by the cub's mother.

The third story is a 'Madam Mim' story. (D 97609 - 'Magic Mending', two pages)
Mim helps a friend fix things at a museum and accidently fixes the object
on display.

Then there's a Goofy story (seven pages). Goofy walks into a tree and
thinks he is dead. He steal food, and is chased to a hilltop. Mickey
catches him and tells him he's not dead.

The last story is another 'Donald Dak' six pager. Donald can't handle
watching a soccer match. The match is broadcasted everywhere, and Donald
ends up as a nervous wreck.

The total nuber of pages is 64.
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