Vidar: Olamo shel Disni

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Jan 18 09:22:45 CET 2000

Vidar wrote:

> As I told you two weeks ago, I bought some Disney comics in Israel in
> December.
> One is Winnie the Pooh (Poo Hadov, 'Pooh the bear'). This 
> comic has no real
> comic stories, only illustrated stories. It's aimed at small 
> children - most of the stories has vowels.

Vowels like AEOUI(Y)? Why would the consonants be omitted? How do you form
sensible language with vowels only?
(I've only heard people in Jutland do that...)

> The other comic is Olamo shel Disni ('Disney's world').
> In the first story (six pages), 'Donald Dak' asks Gyro to 
> make a (female) robot to do the house.

This sounds like a Dutch (H-coded) story.

> The last story is another 'Donald Dak' six pager. Donald can't handle
> watching a soccer match. The match is broadcasted everywhere, 
> and Donald ends up as a nervous wreck.

And this also sounds like a Dutch story I know. Donald does not want to see
the match because he wants to keep the fun for later that day (watching the
repeat or a video). So he doesn't want to know the end result.


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