Gyro appears in F&SF

Tryg Helseth trygve at
Thu Jan 27 02:01:02 CET 2000


 > However, as both kinds of fiction could be described as fantasy, 
 > expanding from talking ducks to starships as one grows up makes
 > some sort of sense.

Well I have an interest in both Disney comics and Science Fiction, and Gyro fits well into both categories.  He seemed like the most likely Disney character to appear in F&SF.   I wonder, though, how many people are fans of both comics and SF.  I'd guess there are more SF fans that comic fans, but what percentage of each overlap the other?


 > This sounds very interesting. Do you have the magazine yourself, or did
 > you see it somewhere on the net?  I don't think I speak only for myself when 
 > saying, that I would like to see the whole short story:-)

Unfortunately, I don't have this in electronic form.  I borrowed the magazine from a friend who alerted me to this story.  

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