Where i can found Joe Carioca?

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at research.kpn.com
Thu Jan 27 12:09:36 CET 2000

Fernando (?):

> Someone know something about Disney's brazilians Carioca histories 
> published in others countries?

We have the reprints we know about in our Inducks database. On the Web, you
can follow the links to the B-coded story pages from
http://members.xoom.com/bolderbast/xxstories.html. For instance to
es, where you find information like this:

B 800019      17       MRS     MM  O Aperto Do Botao [xapp:MM,GO]
|			[ser:Star Patrol]
|			br: MK 365,MK 500
|			de: DD 409* (nn)
|			dk: HIA 4*,OJ89-11* (Rumbanditterne)
|			fr: PM 194 (Les cow-boys de l'espace)
|			it: MG 421,TL 1484* (Topolino E I Teppisti
|			Spaziali)
|			nl: M85-03 (Heelal op stelten)

A B-coded story reprinted in 6 countries: Brazil (br), Germany (de), Denmark
(dk), France (fr), Italy (it), and the Netherlands (nl)!

OK, this is not a Carioca story. Well, here's another example:

B 800025       6       RFu     JOC Propaganda Aerea
|			br: ZC 1679
|			it: MG 410

A JOC story (JOC = Joe Carioca) reprinted in Brazil and Italy. And there are
many more like these.

> I have some information in the brazilian 
> production and i like to speak more about it!

Please do! 8-)

mailto:inducks at comic.com

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