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  The Comic Book Electronic Fanzine reports the following on Carl Barks:


June 29: News of the health of Carl Barks, released on the Internet
this week, is not good. Barks, at 99 perhaps the greatest living comic
book artist, is suffering from leukemia and has refused all medication
that will prolong his life.

In a letter posted to the Carl Barks Message Board last week, family
friend, Detlef Giesler said:

Dear family and friends,
It is Carl`s wish that I write to his close friends and family and
explain his current health condition. As most of you know Carl was
diagnosed with Leukemia in July of 1999. The doctor has been treating
the cancer with a very mild form of oral chemotherapy. Over the past 4
to 6 weeks Carl`s health has steadily become worse. He is very weak 
tired, and spends the greater part of his day in bed or resting in his
chair. Carl has requested all medications that are prolonging his life
be stopped. He will no longer be given his chemotherapy pills.

Helen Hunicke and I oversee Carl`s care. We are doing everything in 
power to keep him comfortable. Helen arranged for Hospice care. There
is a nurse and an aid who assist in Carl`s personal care and work with
his doctor to insure that he is receiving the correct medication to
help keep him comfortable. Short letters, cards or family photos would
be enjoyed and appreciated, but please know that Carl is unable to
respond to them. Helen or I will periodically keep you informed as to
his condition. Also phone calls and visits should be kept brief due to
the fact that he tires very quickly.

Cards and letters can be sent to:
Carl Barks, 1415 NE Heritage Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526 USA

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