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Søren Krarup Olesen sko at acoustics.dk
Tue Jul 4 18:43:29 CEST 2000


> In one of the latest issues of the Swedish Kalle Anka there is new
> character. Morty and Ferdie has a mom !!! Yes a mom that they live at.
> Not an aunt or uncle !!  Incredible.

Right. I asked the same question on the indexers list some three weeks


> I've just read the new D 99290 written by Paul Halas and drawn by
> Rodriques. In that story we are introduced to Morty and Ferdie's
> mother(!)
> I find that quite odd. Can we expect her to be Mickey's sister then,
> or...???


...but I should of course have addressed this mailing list. Ole replied


> But let's just gather all the info first: on the Swedish list
> Joakim Gunnarson first announced the new "concept" and then
> replied to a similar "?!" thusly:
> >Hon dök upp för första (och enda?) gången i de amerikanska
> >dagstidningarna söndagen den 18 september 1932.
> >"Mrs. Fieldmouse" Överlämnade sina barn för barnvaktning till
> >grannen Musse Pigg.
> >Och där blev de kvar...
> I.e. along with MF's first appearance we also met mrs. Fieldmouse
> for the first time. Inducks lists several reprints of the strip,
> so most of us should be able to find a copy. Not me though, so
> a scan would be appreciated.


I have just recently indexed D 99290 with the appearance of a "Mrs.
Fieldmouse". Perhaps Paul Halas read the old strip and got inspirred,
still we don't know if she's Mickey's sister or otherwise related.
Perhaps David has a few words to add here... :-)


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