Treasures, somewhere in Italy...

Armando Botto bolcano at
Wed Jul 12 22:37:06 CEST 2000

Elena wrote:
>> Does anyone know who is going to publish this 'Somewhere in Nowhere'? and
is it going to be in two languages in the same book or is it going to be in
two volumes?

Rumour has it that "Somewhere in Nowhere" will indeed appear next Fall, in
the third volume of the Disney Italia "Tesori" ("Treasures") series. The
book will contain both the original English version of the story and its
Italian translation, together with a few other Barks stories. It's almost
certain that it will be possible to order the book from abroad, too.
The "Tesori" books are hardbacks, printed on quality paper. The first 2
issues of the series had 128 pages, and cost little less than $15. If you're
curious about their contents, have a look at the Inducks database:


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