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Thu Jul 13 20:15:22 CEST 2000

Rodney Bowcock wrote:

>I find it very interesting to learn that Somewhere In Nowhere is being
>released in English by Disney Italy.  Hopefully, sales of the English
>version will be high enough for them to realize that people here in the
>US are willing to pay the price for English copies of Disney comics.  I
>know I would certainly be willing to pay for English versions of Zio

I don't know if Egmont or Disney Italy or anyone is actually 
prohibited in any licensing terms from doing any kind of regular 
English-language Disney comics publication as such, but they do have 
to consider what kind of market they'd have for them since none of 
them have licenses granting them access to retail distribution of 
English-language Disney comics in the USA and Canada (and perhaps 
Australia and New Zealand as well). That license is still under 
negotiation between Diamond and Disney, and if any other publisher 
made what even appeared to be an attempt to enter those markets, 
there would be royal hell to pay.

English-language readers deserve English-language Disney comics. But 
as wonderful as it might be for some publisher to bite the bullet and 
put out English-language comics without licensed access to the major 
retail English-language markets, few publishers can afford to be that 

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