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I wrote:

>English-language readers deserve English-language Disney comics. But
>as wonderful as it might be for some publisher to bite the bullet and
>put out English-language comics without licensed access to the major
>retail English-language markets, few publishers can afford to be that

Updating what I wrote:
English-language Disney comics are, I understand, published in India 
and Singapore. India makes sense, as English is a very common 
language there, but English-reading fans of Don Rosa would be out of 
luck; they only publish a digest-size magazine, so they gravitate 
toward digest-designed material. This might also be true of 
Singapore, but I don't have any info on that.

So, there would not seem to be specific prohibitions on publishing in 
the English language among Disney's worldwide publishing licensees, 
only geopolitical market restrictions on retail distribution. Just 
how such restrictions are established and regulated I won't even dare 
to guess, particularly as consistency is not a hallmark of these 
activities on an international or even national scale.

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