Indian comic-book-size

Jan Follak Jan.Follak at
Thu Jul 20 10:01:41 CEST 2000

Gary Leach: 

>English-language Disney comics are, I understand, published in India 
>and Singapore. India makes sense, as English is a very common 
>language there, but English-reading fans of Don Rosa would be out of 
>luck; they only publish a digest-size magazine, so they gravitate 
>toward digest-designed material. 

The Indian comic I obtained with the help of an Indian friend is not in
digest-size, but an oversized comic-book (like the long-cancelled English
"Mickey and Friends"). It features the same Egmont-stuff like the German
"Micky Maus", and even a story by Marco Rota. But maybe the size has
changed in the meantime, the one and only issue I have is from 1996. 

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