R: Disappointment because of ZP

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Sat Jul 22 02:23:46 CEST 2000

Ciao, all!

Paolo Castagno wrote:
>> Donald and nephews are going to US money bin, and while walking
>> HDL ask Donald "Unca Donald, who *WAS* Carl Barks?"... and the
>> was is also in bold fonts! Carl **IS** the greatest comic book
>> artist of all times, not "was"!!!!!
>> It really struck me badly. :-(

And Francesco:

> Me too!
> At first I thought it could be bad taste in the translation, but I rushed to
> check the original (as I think you did too) and saw that that "was" was
> there too :-(

Well, I got the same bad feeling. But we can say two things.
One: the translation is correct.
Two: the gag was written in a period in which Carl Barks was supposed not to
write or draw Duck stories anymore, for this reason HDL talks about him as
if he were far in the time like an Andersen, or a Perrault... The reality
and the perspective that now we know is very different from the 70es, when
Barks' name was not so popular. Also in Italy, I well remember how much
money fans were paying old T or AR comics, if a Barks story was printed in
them. Twice or more the "normal" prices (without Barks' stories).



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