Botto & Beta proudly present... (somewhat OT)

Eta Beta eega at
Mon Jul 24 10:48:18 CEST 2000

Hello good folks,

It wasn't very long ago, when friend Armando Botto mentioned he
was collecting cover images around the net, and dropped a coupla
interesting addresses... I gave that a try, and started piling
up cover images myself... we also exchanged some, and Armando
commented it was like trading cards... and the idea of collecting
them in an album immediately struck me...

That's how "Disney Covers Extravaganza" was born, and quite a few
people appreciated it, and contributed to it, too, so the site is
currently hosting over a thousand Disney cover images, plus links
to other covers sites, and it's still growing.

But there are more covers in heaven and earth, Horace, than all our
Disney philosophers can dream of... or something like that... :-)

So, a "side effect" of collecting covers can now be appreciated
(hopefully) as

FROM COVER TO COVER (with nothing inbetween)  at

And, just to get back a bit on-topic, there's good news for my
Disney sites, too... it should be a matter of a few weeks more for
"Last Balaboo" to get its long due update... keep the faith :-)


Eta Beta

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