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Thierry Fernand favio31 at caramail.com
Fri Jul 28 18:35:49 CEST 2000

Hi everybody,

An improved version of my "Disney Comics Online" is at the 
following URL:

- Disney Comics fans can now suggest their URLs at
With this form, two URLS have been added:
The original "Darkest Africa", French version, at 
http://webplaza.pt.lu/public/geohelm/myweb/moc.htm and The 
"History of Computers" at 

I also have added a link to the Brazilian story "A Heroine is 
Born" (http://www.projesom.com.br/afaria/b_fethry/), in 

Arthur Faria Jr. translated many other (great) Brazilian 
stories. Are these stories available somewhere on the web? 
I'd of course love to add links to them. If this is not the 
case but if someone saved them and can send them to me, 
please contact me.

Will be added soon:
The genre of the stories (adventure, short stories, gags), 
the number of pages, the characters, and different sections 
(Barks, Rosa, Mice, Gottfredson, Italian, Brazilian etc.) to 
help you navigate through them. (Information will be taken 
from the Inducks database).

******** Foreword *******
I hope this page will help you find the best Disney comics 
material on the web, and would like to thank everyone once 
again for their help. The number of visits (600 in one week) 
prooves that the page is helpful to Disney comics 


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