Goodbye Uncle Carl

Apostolis Trikourakis komix43 at
Fri Sep 1 17:54:13 CEST 2000

It was August 27th when a friend of mine sent a message to my mobile phone
telling me the sad news: "Carl Barks died 2 days ago. Chaos is DCML". I
thought it was a joke. When I came back, on Wednesday, I read the last
messages in DCML. It was true, then: Uncle Carl was dead.
Back in June, I read that Carl was ill with leukemia. unfortunately. He was
getting worse and worse. He died fighting the desease
We will never forget the father of Scrooge, Kyro, Gladstone, Beagleboys,
Magica De Spell and many other characters. He never visit Greece, but I hope
he knew that in that small country, handrends of boys and girls was fans of
him. Rest in Peace, Great Artist Carl Barks. I can't say anything else,
'cause I'm so sad........

Apostolis Trikourakis, Athens
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