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I was planning not to write my feelings about Barks death to the
list, mainly because I didn't know how to express them, but since
I read your ones I had the strong feeling of being part of a
great community, as someone already noticed. And with this
community I want to share my 2 cents about how bad I felt in
reading Gerry's mail.

Just like you (you all it seems) I was introduced to (Disney)
comics because of Carl's work: I was born in 1969 and one of my
first memories of reading comics is the dam-cracking scene from
"Only a poor old man", that I probably read on "Vita e dollari di
Paperon de Paperoni". When I saw that panel I felt (and still
feel) exalted for the great power that it expresses, and I
remember I also felt a little bit sorry for the man who had to
draw so many details... and did it in such a great way...

I also remember myself reading the golden fleecing story or "The
Old Castle's Secret" during summer at my cousin's home where I
was used to read his copy of "Io Paperone"... 

Carl Barks not only taught me to read, but also to dream, with
his adventurous stories, and also to be a better man, as someone
already wrote on this list, with his vision of human qualities
and faults.

Ciao, uncle Carl, you won't be forgotten, and I hope you won't be
upset if I repeat what Shaun Craill wrote in his mail and that
seems to me to be the best way to face the whole thing:

  A giant Kauri has fallen in the forest.  
  Under it's branches it provided shelter 
  and a place to grow.  
  Now thousands of seedlings, 
  many of them it's own children, 
  will be able to grow 
  and flourish in their own time.


  - Paolo

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